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Who IS this guy?


Musings of a white male boomer in Oklahoma City, interested in politics, policy, culture, music, and making America work again!

40+ years of public service, teaching, and policy analyst and I'm still not out of material.

Wooden Architecture
Spiral Staircase

What to expect

I read, watch, and hear a lot, my interests are wide, and opinions are constantly pouring out of my brain. I'll write on national and state politics, public policy, public service, and living in America.

I believe there's no such thing as a wrong opinion and I welcome ideas and argument from those who believe the same. 

Where I'm coming from

Politically, I don't belong to either major party and, thanks to corporate and elite control, I don't believe that which party controls the government matters very much. 

Ideologically, I'm more of a 1930s liberal than anything, but I've learned to appreciate the limits of government and have a strong libertarian streak.

I try my best to be aware of the incredible privilege I was born into and to support policies that help everyone have access to the same advantages that I've enjoyed. 

And sometimes I'm just a crotchety old man.

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